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Changzhou Xinshanhe Hydraulic Equipment Plant designs, develops and produces hydraulic cylinders and systems such as engineering hydraulic cylinders, marine oil cylinders, metallurgy oil cylinders, hydraulic oil cylinders and non-standard hydraulic cylinders. Our company is located in Benniu Town (Changzhou City), known as China's most famous production base for hydraulic equipment. Like a shining pearl, our company boasts advanced production and testing equipment and sound management system, with ISO9001 certification. In the business philosophy of "Good Faith, High Efficiency, Perfect Quality," we provide top products and services to customers.

We have an area of 45,000 square meters (construction area: 27,000 square meters), fixed assets of 35 million yuan and more than 150 employees. Since our establishment, we have been doing business in the guidance of "Quality is the root to survive." To ensure good quality, we introduced cutting-edge equipment such as Sunnen HTH-6001 honing machine (America), which can hone oil cylinders with honing diameter of 1,000 mm and length of 20 meters, and has high process precision. We have established long-term cooperation with many large famous domestic and overseas enterprises, such as CITIC Heavy Machinery Co., Ltd.—the famous military enterprise in the Central Plain Area, Tianjin Tianduan Press Co., Ltd.—the leading domestic enterprise for forging equipment, Chongqing Jiangdong Machinery Manufacturing Co., Ltd., Anyang Iron and Steel Group and the world famous enterprise of America PARKER. Both our products and services are well commented by customers.

While expanding, we stick to production progress and technological innovation. We purchased special boring machine T2235 and adopted German technology to manufacture large automatic submerged arc welding machines. To improve welding quality, we introduced digital intelligent ultrasonic flaw detector to detect flaw accurately and reliably. In addition, our surface roughness tester is self-propelled digital-EMD-1500-321 imported from the United States; our boring monitoring instrument in the cylinder can detect the inner size and surface conditions of holes with aperture size from Ф200 to Ф800. It is because of such cutting-edge equipment and apparatus, can we create extraordinary quality to win customer trust.

We are committed to introducing and absorbing advanced foreign processing technology and hydraulic technology, and we have paved out a professional way to push domestic hydraulic cylinders to a higher level. In the principle of “Professional Manufacture, Strong Cooperation, Advantage Complementation,” we unite home and abroad manufacturers for seal rings, hydraulic systems and electrical systems to provide users with the best hydraulic systems and electrical control equipment. We have professional and efficient sales team; tell us your needs and we will provide to you perfect products with fair prices and top services. Welcome to contact us!

Let’s work together for a bright future!

Company Profile